8 Reasons Donald Trump Would Not Be Great For ‘The Blacks’

2. He placed a racially-charged full page newspaper ad calling for the return of the death penalty in New York.

The way the media covered the story of the Central Park Five (teen boys wrongly accused and imprisoned for the rape of a Central Park jogger) was bad enough. But Trump taking out an ad in several New York City newspapers in 1989 during the height of the trial demanding that the death penalty be reinstated in New York was just the awful cherry on top. “I recently watched a newscast trying to explain ‘the anger in these young men,’” Trump wrote. “I no longer want to understand their anger. I want them to understand our anger. I want them to be afraid.” Yikes. The over-the-top ad, a thinly veiled reference to the Central Park Five and other young black boys in the city, further demonstrates Trump’s subtle but profound lack of regard for the lives of underprivileged black people.

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