The 10 Best Diets Of 2017, Ranked by Nutrition Experts

If you’re trying to prioritize dieting in 2017, keep in mind that not all diets are created equal.

Often, the ones that garner the most attention aren’t even among the best.

For its annual list, US News & World Report ranked 38 eating plans, considering different criteria including how easy the diet is to follow, its effects on weight loss (both short and long term), how nutritional and safe the diet is, and how well it helps prevent diabetes and heart disease.

The ranking drew on the expertise of a panel of dietitians and nutritionists, but didn’t account for any costs associated with the diet plans or how exercise fit into the programs.

Here’s which diets ranked above the rest to make the top 10.


Vegetarian diets cleared the top 10 in the 2017 ranking, up from No. 13 in 2016. The diet is simple: no meat allowed. Ideally, the meat is replaced with more vegetables, which could help you feel fuller.



Developed by Dr. Dean Ornish, this diet looks at food on a “spectrum,” with some things being healthier than others — essentially, the less processed the better. The diet emphasizes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and some fat if it contains omega-3 fatty acids.

The diet was also ranked one of the best for heart health.

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