The Truth About Apple Cider Vinegar & Your Health

Known for its abundance of health benefits, apple cider vinegar is one of the most versatile natural remedies. Studies show the active ingredients in apple cider vinegar can lower the risk of heart disease, limit the likelihood of diabetes, help to prevent cancer and even impact hard-to-lose weight.

Though the taste can be a bit off-putting, incorporating apple cider vinegar into your daily routine promotes healthy, drug-free weight loss. Depending on the body’s chemistry, a tablespoon a day could be a subtle boost or a big difference.

About Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar’s active ingredient is pectin, a natural fiber found in many fruits. Though it is not a probiotic, apple cider vinegar has similar properties. That’s because it’s a prebiotic, which feeds good bacteria already in our system.

Apple cider vinegar is made from crushed, fermented apples. During the fermentation process, bacteria turn the fermented alcohol base into acetic acid. Acetic acid helps to break down food and improve digestion.

Pectin in apples promotes healthy digestion by encouraging the growth of good bacteria, whereas probiotics are the good bacteria. When ingested, apple cider vinegar helps to relieve gastrointestinal blockages.

Weight Loss Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Though some see apple cider vinegar as a baseless trend, its weight loss benefits have been supported by numerous scientific studies.

In 2009, the peer-reviewed Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry journal published a study illustrating two tablespoons of vinegar led to a thinner waist and lower blood triglycerides. Those who used 1 tablespoon or apple cider vinegar lost 2.6 pounds, while those who took 2 tablespoons lost 3.7 pounds.

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