The US Marines Are Testing This For Surveillance


Black Horned PD-100 is a pocket-sized drone being tested by the U.S. Marine Corps. It streams live videos from its three cameras and its miniature size makes it almost invisible as it flies off. This helicopter drone has a range of 1 mile and can stay in air-borne for about 25 minutes meaning that it would be instrumental in surveillance for the Marines.

Credits: ProxydynamicsDrone system. Credits: Proxydynamics

The cable emerging from its back is not a chord for power but an antenna. The three cameras on the drone can take images and also stream live video. One camera capture footage in the front, another below and the third captures the 45 degrees to the ground. This drone can fit in the pocket and can carry out surveillance missions guided by GPS.


Credits: Rhita Daniel/USMCCredits: Rhita Daniel/USMC

This miniature drone is made by Prox Dynamics in Norway and Norwegian Special Forces have already ordered the drone modified to have night-vision cameras as well.



Credits: Thor Larson/USMCCredits: Thor Larson/USMC

Black Hornet was used during a military exercise in California to evaluate its technology and usefulness to the Marines. The British Military has already used the drone in Afghanistan and found it satisfactory as it was later added in UK’s military kit.

Credits: Rhita Daniel/USMCCredits: Rhita Daniel/USMC

The interesting thing about this drone is its size. It is so small that you can even fit it in your pocket. What do you think about this small spy-drone? Wouldn’t it be better if drone cameras have night-vision as well?

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